Yeah – another year of strong wind at the 2010 Cape Argus Cycle tour, the world’s largest timed cycle race with over 38,000 participants. After last year we thought and would have hoped for an easy ride, but the Cape doctor was blowing again big time. Wind speed up to 65 km/h for more than 80km of the 110km ride made it definitely a tough one!

Had an awesome start at 7.16am just under an hour after Lance Armstrong kicked off his race, which he missed to win. On the M3 Muizenberg I managed to speed up to 96.5 km/h (I am sure there is a limit of 80 somewhere) and caught up with lots of fields of cyclists all the way to Simon’s town. Again more wind and hard fighting but then a great turn of wind around Smithwinkel. All the mountains were easy this year, no cramps and a final run into the finish next to the new Cape Town Soccer stadium.

Unfortunately not my best time – 4hours – but the excuse of course is the wind plus taking pictures and even some video on the way. Cheers to all finishers in this lousy storm (I heard they even closed Chappies way before the cut-off time) and hopefully to a better race in 2011!

Here we go with the pics:

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