Work less, play more. In Praise of Idleness. Since Facebook, Twitter and the rest of social media has taken over, no need for personal blogs anymore. Here is my last and final post, that describes my philosophy of life best: In ...Read More

Flip Media ( launched a brand new iPhone (and soon iPad, and native Android) application that features everthing around movies in Dubai and the Middle East. Download the Naviflix application from the Apple iTunes store, or browse the mobile enabled site. ...Read More

Flip's first iPhone app is now available in the iTunes application store. Simply search for "Mumbai" and then download the free Mumbaikar iPhone app. The application compliments the website dedicated to everything Mumbai at your finger tips. A one-stop shop ...Read More

Although her birthday is  just coming up, we wish you already a great day with your family! Happy Birthday, Ash! Read More

The Dubai Metro project has been talked up for some many reasons…. the first automated rail transport in the Middle East, the world’s longest and of course a  memorable launch date….9/9/09! But surprisingly in Dubai, even just weeks before the ...Read More

A 404 error page is shown by a web server when users enter a page on a domain that does not exist. It is good practice to customize this page template so that users get shown a properly written and ...Read More

[caption id="attachment_91" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Nakheel.con in deconstruction"][/caption] No words for this image. Read More

Google Map and Earth has added terrain view and finally updated South Africa with a comprehensive road map which one was used to from Europe and the States. Finally can plan my mountain bike routes using Google Map and Garmin :-) Feel ...Read More

Beta obviously means beta - and even our beloved Apple company is not 100% perfect. After installing the latest iPhone SDK 3.0 beta I go the following error: <<DO NOT LOCALIZE>> Content Text <<DO NOT LOCALIZE>> [caption id="attachment_56" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Install iPhone SDK ...Read More

About six years ago Dinesh setup Flip Media through a local partnership in the UAE. That was about six years ago, and subsequently we registered the company as a free-zone business in Dubai Media City. The full story can be ...Read More

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