Quoting from a blog in Dubai:

As expected, FP7 Doha was named Agency of the Year. With 100 entries in Print and Outdoor each, they had their path to the stage all marked out. And if you thought they had a quiver full of big brands last year, take a look at the heavy artillery they brought in this year: Samsung, Heinz, 3M, Toys’R’Us, Higeen, Rakha Nissan Motor Co., WWF. Nothing could stop them. Stellar work on each brand came through from the fertile environment of Doha, whose citizens are known to have the same IQ levels as Nobel Laureates and award show judges.

But behind that gold-sequinned veil lies a story that I couldn’t make up even if I wanted to. What follows is not the Gospel truth. It is only a map that you could follow, if you want to find the Holy Grain of Truth.

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